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4 Ways to Guarantee Fun in the Kitchen

4 Ways to Guarantee Fun in the Kitchen

4 Ways to Guarantee Fun in the Kitchen

Let’s face it – at the end of a long day, preparing a meal for the family can seem more like a chore than fun. But with a few quick fixes, that time can go from painful to enjoyable. Here are our tips.

Crank the tunes
The easiest way to tune out the day and focus on providing nourishment for those you love? Tunes! Whether it’s a Bluetooth speaker, your phone or the radio, find some music that you can sing and dance to – dinner prep will be a party!

Divvy up the work
Reconnect with your family and put them to work with some age-appropriate kitchen tasks. Younger children can help wash produce and set the table, and older kids can assist with chopping and slicing.

Take time to prep
While it might seem easier to turn on the stove and throw things in as you go, taking a few minutes to thoroughly prep – making sure that your ingredients are washed, cut and separated by step in the recipe will ensure that you can focus on the cooking process instead of trying to stir with one hand and mince garlic with the other!

Make cleaning easier
Keep a damp kitchen towel folded on the counter so you can easily wipe down your work surface and organize your ingredient prep on baking sheets, Not only will this keep your space clear, but you’ll be able to stack bowls and cups to aid in the cleanup process.

The kitchen is the gathering place of the home, and an organized kitchen that is well equipped with everything you need to cook and entertain makes life exponentially easier.

If you’re interested in making changes to your kitchen, the experts at Kitchen Tune-Up can develop any layout to combine perfect functionality and a modern look.  Give us a call at 407-377-8910.

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