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Maximize Home Resale Value

Maximize Home Resale Value
In today's market, potential home buyers have numerous homes to choose from. Kitchen Tune-Up Orlando offers tips that will make a lasting impression and raise interest in homes for sale.

One room that many sellers are looking to revamp is the kitchen. Being the most functional and used room in the home, it is no surprise that it shows more wear than any other room. Having an aged, worn-out kitchen will decrease the value of a home as most potential buyers want a home that is 'move-in ready'. It is perceived that Tampa kitchen remodeling is time-consuming and expensive, and many buyers don't want to take on this added investment. The seller may not think the kitchen needs updates or remodeling. However, to a potential buyer, a freshened up kitchen could be what sells the home.

Statistics show that Orlando kitchen remodels garner a return on investment of 80-110%. This has only been measured with complete kitchen remodeling. However, completely remodeling a kitchen can be expensive and time-consuming. But there are many other ways that homeowners can make smaller, economical changes to update their kitchen. The ROI studies have not taken into account the variety of options that can change the look of the kitchen for as much as half the cost of a full remodel.

Kitchen Tune-Up Orlando specializes in many services to update kitchens without clients having to empty their bank account. Our quick and affordable 'Tune-Up' service is a wood reconditioning / Orlando wood restoration process that will make woodwork look like new. The process removes build-up (dirt, grease, wax, smoke, and dust) from the wood's original finish, touches up and blends the areas where color may have faded, repairs scratches and dings, and applies a special colorant. The final step is to treat the wood with a special penetrating oil that restores dried-out wood fibers and apply an entirely fresh coat of finish. Add new hardware or a few organizer accessories and the kitchen looks updated and ready to sell.

If the Orlando kitchen cabinet boxes are in good, solid condition and the seller stays with a similar color, then redooring may be a good option. By replacing the doors and drawer fronts, the seller can change the style that matches the color of their existing cabinet boxes. Again, new pulls and knobs will complete the new look.

If the color and style are out of date, Orlando cabinet refacing is another option. In two to four days a completely new look - subtle or dramatic - is apparent. Orlando Cabinet refacing enables clients to revitalize their kitchen with new doors, drawer fronts and matching veneer, while keeping the existing cabinet boxes. This creates a "new kitchen" look without the "new kitchen" price tag.

These are just a few ideas to help maximize value if getting a home ready for market. If you have any questions, or want to learn more about how we can keep your kitchen up-to-date and beautiful click here to contact us today.